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"Over the course of our working relationship and subsequent 'after opening' consultations I have grown to appreciate John as someone who understands all aspects of golf course design, construction and playability; and as someone who could be trusted to be fair to all interests. His attention to detail, his follow through and follow up kept our project on track and within budget. He took an empty canvas and created an affordable masterpiece. 

- Ed Todd, City Manger, City of Dinubar, CA

"The value of John's work has exceeded our expectations. Despite being open for only seven months, the course has received glowing accolades from the national media resulting in Sand Hallow being rated #1 in Utah! In a market struggling to survive the current economic slowdown, our golf results have been both spectacular and profitable."

- Dave Wilkey, Founder, Sand Hallow Resort

"John Fought is one of the pre-eminent golf course architects in the modern era. He has the ability to design courses that will stand the test of time much like the great architects of the golden age of design.

- Reed Mackenzie, Past president, USGA

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