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Master Improvement Plan

The development of a master improvement plan for an existing golf course involves study and research. The research is much more detailed if the course needs to be restored. During this process, it is vital to develop a base map with the current golf course identified. It also is incumbent on the golf club to form a small representative committee that can provide input about the existing course. Meetings are subsequently scheduled to discuss the golf course as objectively as possible.

John Fought Design (JFD) then begins the process of developing sketches that outline proposed improvements. Once the final improvements are identified, we develop a color plan, individiual hole drawings with narrative, and engage in further discussion with the committee. With the use of Photoshop, we begin to develop a series of images that highlight the improvements of the concept for improvement.

A budget is developed to build the proposed improvements and differing phasing options are explored should the club want to build the proposed improvements in intervals. 

All of this information is organized in a booklet that is provided to the club for it's archives. A presentation is developed that includes the information provided to the committee in a PowerPoint format so an audience can see the plan in its entirety.

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