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Schematic Design

The initial phase of work involves development of the CONCEPT PLAN for the golf. This generally involves a series of routing studies that locate not only the golf hole locations but also the other facilities including the club house area and maintenance facility. During this phase of work, John Fought Design (JFD) works with other design professionals to locate potential residential development, road design, and other elements germane to the overall project. 

Once the conceptual land-use is identified, JFD begins the process of developing the STRATEGIC PLAN and elements of the golf course including greens, tees, bunkers, fairways. During this period, time is spent with our client to identify a motif that blends the natural surroundings and matches the concept of the overall project. The final plan is presented as a color rendering of the proposed golf course. We also develop individual hole drawings that provide insight into the design of the golf course. 

"You have to design a golf course from a routing standpoint first. If the routing plan isn't correct, nothing else matters."

John Fought

3D Final.jpg

Our final steps involve the development of a COST ANALYSIS to build the golf course, which involves a take-off study in which we measure the quantities from the concept plan and research local pricing for materials and manpower. We then develop a line-by-line analysis of the budget needed to build the course, explaining proposed quantities and unit costs. Once a schedule is identified, we create a monthly cash flow chart based on the appropriate planting window for the turf grass. 

This phase of the work is utilized to allow the owner to approve the concept and can be utilized to acquire financing.

Cost Analysis Insert.jpg
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