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Construction Oversight

During the process of building the golf course improvements, John Fought Design will be onsite each week to assist the contractor with his work and represent the club. It is vital that this process be carefully managed as the course will undergo rapid changes with approvals and adjustments often necessary to achieve the highest quality results for the least amount of dollars. 

In addition to appearing each week during the process, John Fought Design will review the contractors draw requests and other documents representing the owner in all matters pertaining to the process. 

"From the beginning of our golf architect search to finishing the renovations it has been a pleasure to work with such a consummate professional. As with any private club that uses the committee structure, it is not always easy to get excelled when it came to dealing with the committee. You were able to back up your decisions with logic and experience which resulted in the spectacular final result."

Peter Oldfield, General Manager

Rosedale Golf Club (Toronto, ON, Canada)

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